Kitchen Interiors | Choosing the Right Colour for Your Kitchen

Kitchen Interiors | Choosing the Right Colour for Your Kitchen

Colours create a lasting impression in a space. It pertains specific emotions and functions that will aid in the ambience of the room. The kitchen is an area that lots of activities take place. It is an area in the house that is often used all throughout the day. Thus, it has to be perfectly balanced and planned accordingly to achieve a smooth flow when cooking.


Moreover, although the kitchen is often separated from other parts of the house, it is ideal to keep it in cohesion to the overall aesthetic of your home. Therefore, if you want to design a magazine-worthy kitchen, you will need to consider these tips:


Colours For Your Kitchen




Choosing Your Cabinet Colours

Cabinets take the most space in your kitchen area. It is the first thing that most people notice upon coming in. Thus, it is only right that your cabinet colour will be the primary scheme in your kitchen. After choosing the cabinet colour, work your way around other areas that will match, accentuate, or enhance the colour of your kitchen cabinets.

Choosing Your Appliance Colour

If you choose built-in cabinets, it is likely for them to be tucked in your cabinetry. Thus, there’s no need for choosing colours. However, if you buy appliances separately, it is best to opt for neutral colours since it is the most common shades available for appliances.

Choosing Your Countertops

Countertops are another important element in your kitchen. It is close to eye-level thus, it could be an area that will create harmony among the kitchen walls and cabinets below and on the upper part of the kitchen. It could either try to blend with the existing colours or create a contrast that will render a unique accent. Another part of the kitchen to consider when choosing your countertop is the colour of your kitchen. It is ideal that these elements are cohesive or coordinated to project a smooth visual impact.


Choosing the Colours of Your Floors

Choosing your floor colour will require cohesion with around your kitchen. It is one important element that can bring harmony and balance among your chosen aesthetic and colour around your kitchen area. You can start by selecting the kind of materials you want to use for your kitchen floors. Be it hardwood, tile, vinyl tiles etc., just be sure to keep it relative around the space. However, if you have been safe in choosing the colours of your cabinets and countertops, your kitchen floors can greatly complement and give a touch of unique if you are to go all out and choose patterned flooring.

Choosing the Colour of Your Kitchen Walls

When defining the overall colour scheme of your kitchen, your walls must be significantly considered. It will set the mood and can also bring cohesion to the elements in the kitchen. Some may want to highlight their kitchen walls to project visual interest while some might want to create a flow from the floor all the way to the built-in cabinets at the top. Thus, you will notice that some kitchen use the same flooring materials for their floors and kitchen walls.

Choosing Your Hardware Colours

Your hardware will add details to your kitchen. Taps, cabinet handles and lighting fixtures will bring your kitchen design to life if chosen correctly. Thus, try to stick to the existing styles that you already picked. But, if you want to go all-out, you can create a visually appealing kitchen look by investing in the beautiful and classic look of brass. Just make sure that the brass you will choose is in cohesion with your kitchen colour palettes.



Creating a good flow in your kitchen can be quite too much. However, if you do it one by one and try to create a mood board to guide you all throughout the process can greatly aid in successful kitchen design.