Upscaled Dinner Table: Designing a Visually Arousing Table Setting

dinner table

In this contemporary era, dinner plans always include not only good food but an aesthetically appealing “Instagrammable” table setting. A new culture was born to impress visitors by upscaling dinner table settings. Some might want to go for enhancing appetite while some love to flaunt with bold designs and colours to earn the interest of their guests. Candlesticks, matching utensils, and flower arrangements are standard go-to accessories to bring dinner with friends more memorable and Instagram-worthy.

Dressing the dinner table is an artistic inclination every host engages in creating an impact for his or her guests. It requires meticulous precision and a good eye for design to garner the look that you chose. If you are planning for a social gathering to flaunt your creative mind, then here are some tips to help you:

Your Dinner Table Is Your Canvas

Think of your table as a blank canvas that needs a splash of colours and elements to build a visual interest. Think of a concept that you want to go for. After deciding in a concept, think of ways in how to achieve it. Start with the plate designs. Look fo plates that will either balance the look or contrast it. Imagine how your table will be perceived by your guests. Do you want something classic? or unconventional. Either way, it is best to stick to just one concept to guarantee cohesion, balance, and harmony.

Table linens occupies a large part of your table setting. Choosing the right one will make your life easier. Decide whether or not your table cloth is simple and plain while balancing it with bold accessories, or, be grand and choose an abnoxious print and harmonise it with simple sleek table accessories. 

Imagine your dinner table clothe in white cloth your blank canvas. It screams a lot of potential for beautification. However, it is not ideal to go crazy and throw in every striking shiny thing on top of it without planning your theme, colours, and accessories. Your design must go on par with your theme as well as the colours. Planning beforehand with guide you through the many choices that might lead you to different paths. Thus, take a good look at your blank canvas and its surroundings. See the potential and think of a theme that will enhance the surroundings while keeping it amalgamed with your theme.

Think of Colours

Colour choices create the first impression. It is one of the elements that are first noticed. Choosing colours can be hard due to the countless choices on the table. However, it is best to have a concrete colour scheme in mind and stick to it. Do not go far by putting in elements that look good without matching the shades, tints, and hues. If you want to go for a monochromatic approach, then just simply choose one colour and look for elements that share the same hue to add variation. If you choose a two-toned scheme, on the other hand, it is recommended to choose a major colour and let the other colour accentuate it. Two colours that are equally distributed may not reflect a good contrast.

Table Cloths and Placemats

Your table cloths and placemats can either be your star of the table setting or merely just a background. Choosing a plain table cloth will accentuate everything on top of your table. Printed table cloths, on the other hand, will demand plain utensils to keep order in your overall dinner setting look.

Placemats are another way to create a contrast or cohesion between your plates and table cloth. It is vital to choose a placemat that will complement your choice of utensils and table cloth. If you want to accentuate your unique placemat, then it is only right to choose a plain table cloth and utensils. However, if balance is what is you are looking for, then a beautifully printed placemat will accentuate or contrast your simple choices.

The Art of Layering and Textures

Mastering the craft of layering will elevate your design while projecting a bold and full design. Layering will flaunt a dinner setting far from plain and boring. It is also one way of playing around with textures while keeping it balanced and harmonious. Adding a touch of metallic objects will create layers and project elegance. Additionally, a dash of textures will show off different contrasts that will trigger visual interests. Fresh flowers and foliages will also layers while harmonising and blending all the elements in your design. They also add a touch of nature that triggers good mood. However, it essential to keep in mind that every element you add to your table setting must go with your theme and colour scheme. Go back to your design plan and let it be your guide throughout the process.

Setting up a dinner table is a fun way to express creativity while showering your visitors with visually arousing ambience. Celebrate birthdays, holidays, and promotion with dinner parties that will strike attention to social media by upscaling your dinner table setting.