Living Room Feng Shui

Feng shui is a Chinese principle followed inside a home. It is a spatial arrangement that brings good luck, order, and harmony. Feng shui is not only practised by Chinese people. Nowadays, people all over the globe follow such principles not due to any religious beliefs or traditions but for delivering efficiency, balance, and better environmental appeal to a space. Feng shui enhances the “chi” of the house, and “chi” means life force.

How To Feng Shui Your Living Room?

Let Fresh Air In


A space with natural ventilation is one of the key elements of feng shui. Letting the air inside space will help circulate the energy or the “chi” of your home. It also increases oxygen levels and helps eliminate airborne bacteria caused by stagnant air.


Balance the Elements


Balance in feng shui represents Yin and Yang. It employs the ancient system of the Chinese’ five elements. The five elements encompass wood, metal, earth, water, and fire. Wooden furniture pieces, metal vases, big wooden windows, fiery colours, and some elements that depict water will turn your living room into something that is perfectly attuned to nature.

Mirror The Walls

Mirrors, in ancient Chinese beliefs, attracts prosperity. One important thing to consider about where to position the mirror is the image that it will reflect inside your home. It has to reflect something beautiful rather than projecting images that are chaotic or exudes a lot of clutter in the house. Additionally, according to Chinese beliefs, mirrors shouldn’t be placed on top of the sofa or a chair. Mirrors must reflect positive energy.



Bring in Nature


Feng shui represents element from nature and plants may not be included in the list, but they are also part of nature that radiates positive energy inside a room. If you put plants in a space, it will represent the “chi” of you home. Plants will keep the positive energy flowing in your space while at the same time purifying the atmosphere.


Layout Wisely

The way you position your furniture and other elements in your space will significantly affect the flow of energy. In your living room, the couch is the most important piece and it has to have the commanding position. Additionally, the couch must have a clear view of the entrance room without directly facing it. Also, the entrance room must be kept clear.

Integrate an Art Collection

Your environment influences the way you feel about a spce upon entering. The artwork that you should curate for your living room must exhibit a positive image to bring in positive energy. It has to uplift but not dismay. The way the artwork looks will impact the mood of the person having a glimpse. You can incorporate a sculpture that bids farewell by the door or a welcoming piece in front of it. Apart from sending messages, art will enhance the overall aesthetic of the space.


Have a look at this Youtube video about Feng Shui:

Feng Shui is an ancient belief that is now being practised by the modern world. Although it is originally a principle with religious impacts to Chinese people, in the world of design, feng shui is a useful design principle that brings balance to the design of the space. When your design is completed, you should also keep in mind where to place some important items not related to the feng shui itself – for instance an first aid kit like this one:

It should be always located in a place where anybody can see it or locate it.